Brownies Ratio Analysis

I work in an investment fund and we look at financial ratios and other boring stuff all day long. So when I walked into the office with a box of brownies and said “I couldn’t sleep last night so I was experimenting with ratios -” before I could finish my sentence, my colleagues gave incredulous “why would you do that in the middle of the night?!”

Hehehe I was working on the ONLY ratios that matter – the fat to flour content in determining the texture of brownies you get.

So in my attempt to find my absolute favourite brownie recipe, I decided to make all 3 variations to test them with various friends, family and colleagues and let them decide which one is best.

In making brownies, what determines it being cakey or fudgy is the amount of fat (chocolate and flour) versus the amount of flour that you put into the batter. Obviously, more fat means more fudgy, rich and wet, and vice versa.

Then, tweak yet another variable – the type of sugar – and you get chewy brownies!

The ingredients themselves don’t change, but the ratios do and so to make it easy for you I’ve put the recipe in a table:

Baking times vary between 30-35 mins, as usual, or until a skewer inserted comes out clean. Even for super fudgy brownies, you’re looking at fat heavy, not undercooked.
The winner for me though, definitely fudgy brownies! Especially when they’re warm and paired with a glass of cold milk. YUM!

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