About Me

My name is Nabiya – everyone calls me Nabs – and I’ve been blogging on here since April 2011. This started out as a bit of a coping mechanism for (what I then considered a highly stressful) day job as a management consultant in a Big 4 accounting firm as well as recent personal drama (oh, early 20s… you were so fun yet so angsty…).

8 years on and I’ve switched jobs, married the love of my life, gave birth to a beautiful baby boy and am now trying to settle into this new space while still finding time to bake, cook, AND maintain a blog. I love doing it – being Ellebug – and it gives me such a rush to be able to make good food and feed my loved ones, while also selfishly benefiting from the positive vibes and recharging my soul (as I like to see it).

My dream is to one day be a full time recipe tester – does that even make sense? I want to write cookbooks, review recipes, and test multiple tips and tricks. I believe I can still do it, let’s see how the journey goes!

And to those of you who actually do take the time out of your busy lives and read the blog and share this with me, thank you – I really appreciate it.


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