Ghirardelli Chocolate Orange cake

What? Is it really the 12th of December already? Where did the year go? How did this happen? Without me looking, it’s been a year since I’ve started my new job, 7 months since moved into my own place in the city and well… the biggest thing of all, 4 months since Riz proposed! 
It’s been a year filled with just doing, doing, and more doing. I haven’t really had time for my massive introspective moods, recipe dreaming and the such. But I maintain that it’s incredibly important to bake when I get the time to do so… every little bit helps to recharge. 
Last week, the future in-laws came to my parents’ for a full on Sarawakian lunch, cooked by my epic Aunty Betty. It was the perfect time to try a recipe I had just pinned the week before – Ghirardelli’s flourless chocolate cake with a chocolate orange mousse topping. It was crazy delicious! I can’t wait to make it again, and am adding it to my Christmas dinner menu immediately. 
*Recipe can be found here

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