Cupcake Mania

I’ve got to work on my self-restraint. Honestly. Maybe I’ll start tomorrow.
After frosting my White Roses cake, I found myself with quite a bit of frosting still left on my hands… and I figured… why the hell not bake cupcakes to just use it up?? It would be like making mini versions of the actual cake, that I can give to people who won’t be getting a slice of the actual!
Great idea, Nabs!
Only then, one thing led to another and Michelle (my cousin) and Elyza (sister) asked if they could learn how to make cupcakes. I won’t even pretend that I agreed because I am a loving sister and cannot say no to those girls (whom I love and adore and would do anything for, just fyi). Nope. I agreed to show them, right then and there, because I was still on a flour high. I wanted to bake, I wanted to combine stuff, and I wanted to enjoy the feel of that mixer whirring under my hand.
… In retrospect, I can understand now why the housekeeper thought I was behaving oddly.
But whatever! We made a batch of cupcakes to match my white cake, using the exact same ingredients only this time in a cupcake pan… And another batch of chocolate cupcakes with raspberry buttercream frosting. You might recall the cake I baked for Adam last weekend… and so did the girls.
Small versions of both!
I don’t have a problem, right?
x Nabs

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