The Inception Cookie

I can practically hear the introduction music to an epic film as I type up this post, even as I look over my computer screen at the container of Inception Cookies. A colleague made a comment to me earlier, as she broke one of those MegaCookies in half, “It takes a special brand of crazy to bake these.”

I don’t take credit for this insanity, I was inspired by the amazing Picky Palate.
After the Justin Bieber concert yesterday (yes, I went, so what? It was amazing!) the adrenaline was still pumping too hard for me to be able to go to sleep. The screams of the teenage girls who filled the stadium were still echoing in my head and I felt the need to BAKE. I wanted to bake something epic to fit my mood, and I wanted to sing and dance to Justin Bieber songs while I did it.
So since I also had this early morning meeting today, and I’ve been promising a colleague that I would bake these Inception Cookies for him for a while now, I figured… why the hell not? Which is probably the very same reasoning behind the inception of this recipe. Put an Oreo in a chocolate chip cookie?
Why the hell not?
The recipe is easy enough, but since I didn’t have Picky Palate’s recipe on me, I just used my go-to chocolate chip cookie recipe and threw in an Oreo. Note that I only mixed in ONE cup of chocolate chips for this batch though, considering there’s an Oreo smack dab in the midst of it, we could do without as many chips.

It would probably be easier to use a mini ice-cream scoop like PP did in her demonstration, however I don’t own one and my dough is a little too soggy to be handled like that. What I did instead was to drop a dollop of dough on the parchment paper, then smoothed it out so that it was slightly larger than an Oreo, then put the Oreo in the middle (smooshed it down a wee bit) then covered it with more dough. Using my teaspoon, I coaxed the dough around it to get it properly covered. As you can see, they get really big:

Bake for 10 minutes, or until the dough is a light golden brown around the edges, and then LEAVE IT TO COOL. Yes, gooey Oreo does sound fracking amazing, but let it cool so that you can see the Oreo right there. It’s surreal…
Look, you can see a cookie where it wasn’t incepted properly. Mmmmm
lol my colleague just had a bite of the cookie, found the Oreo and exclaimed “It’s like finding black gold!”
xx NA

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