Raya and Renovation

Raya (Eid) is upon us, and Riz and I are looking forward to the week off. It’s the last few days of Ramadan and we’ve got a lot of work to do to set up both our parents’ houses for the Eid celebrations. Of course I’ll be working in the kitchen most of Saturday to help mum make her famous Laksa Sarawak, that I’m excited to blog this year. However, this may be the first year in a long time that I don’t bake anything in preparation for the first day of Eid, as with my recent back troubles (I had a slipped disc in January) I find it challenging to stay on my feet for so long.

If I do bake, it will be in a much smaller quantity and for family only. Which works as this year we’re not doing an open house either as my parents chose to do a family only affair – which means we can kick back after the photos and laze about!

The week off also comes at a good time as Riz and I are about to embark on a major renovation process for our new place! It’s a bit of a fixer-upper and we’re both really excited (maybe me a bit more than him hehe) to see it all come together. I plan on blogging the progress as it goes along, and thinking of doing it on here as this really is more of a personal blog more than anything these days. I’ll still do recipes when I try out new stuff, but I really want to catalog the progress on our home somewhere! Or should I start a separate blog for that? Hmmmmm does anyone care? lol Do people still read blogs anymore??

I have a quickie recipe coming up before Eid for my favourite home made granola. I’ll be making a batch tonight for my mother-in-law and will write it up tomorrow!

Lots of love,

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