Marriage and Meal Plans

R and I have been married for just about 5 months now, and I’ve got a massive blog post waiting to be finished on the actual wedding festivities (all about Malaysian-Muslim wedding customs and stuff), but I’m just trying to find time to sit down on a weekend afternoon and write, edit and the such.

So while I’m still very new to the marriage game, and have much to learn on living with another person whose emotions are not only affected but also affect mine, I do have a few early learning points. I’m not gonna share them here cos I don’t feel I’ve earned the right to speak with any authority on the matter, though to be fair, I’m sure everyone has a different experience. The main thing I’ve learned really is that being with someone all the time doesn’t mean not having time for yourself. I think R and I have been quite good at balancing ourselves so far, like we can be in the same room, on the same sofa, but still be doing our own things… just together. I like that.

Anyway, the purpose of this post was not to just muse about marriage, but rather to apologise to any readers and friends who keep asking me to post new recipes. I’m sure most of you have realised by now that I’ve shifted to doing a lot more savoury recipes since I moved into my own place last year; I also have less time to bake sweets and more need to cook actual meals for myself – and now, R. So it’s a damned good thing I love cooking as much as I do.

So I’m just here to let you guys know that starting this week, I’m going to do weekly meal plans for 3 reasons:

  1. To plan my food intake (I seriously need to lose weight, dudes, I’ve put on 10kg since I started this job)
  2. To manage my own time better (quick meals for heavy work days, and full 3 course meals for easy peasy days)
  3. To minimise waste (better grocery planning means I buy less crap at the supermarkets and I waste less precious food every week cos I didn’t use them)
I’ll try to take good pics as we trot along, and will post meal plans, recipes and grocery lists when I can. I’m also really looking forward to doing this as I’m in need of a new personal project. 
x Nabs

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