The Great Frantic Novel

As if I didn’t have enough on my plate already with a full time day job, a slowly growing baking business on the side, choir practice, and a sham of a social life to keep up with… I – along with thousands of overachieving fools around the world – signed up for NaNoWriMo. Again. 
This will be the 4th year that I am making this attempt, and I have a good feeling for this year. I might just be able to do it. Even if I don’t make that 50k mark, I am damn well going to make it close enough to touch! 
I have prepared my Emergency NaNoWriMo Kit, to be broken in case of emergency – or not even an emergency, it’s just a collection of things that I think will come in handy over this coming month: 
  1. Chocolate. A whole year’s worth of chocolate, in different flavours, textures, and intensity ratings. 
  2. Coffee. Duh. 
  3. Cigarettes. Oh no, and here I was trying to quit. You know what? Scratch that off the list. I don’t need that shit.
  4. Music Playlist. Includes a whole lot of Zee Avi, James Morrison, random Indie bands, Chopin, One Direction, etc
  5. Painkillers for my back
  6. That said, I’m throwing in an orthopedic back pillow
  7. Handbag sized notebook for emergency jottings
  8. A ball pen, less risk of leaking like that stupid Lamy fountain pen 
  9. Tea leaves coming out the wazoo
  10. Comfy kaftan dresses
  11. My writing buddy, Little Di (good thing she’s pocket sized)
  12. Quick cupcake recipe for much needed dessert and baking hits
  13. A desk calendar
You know what? I think that’s it for now. I may come back and revise this, but as NaNo says: turn off the inner editor. 
So before I potentially disappear into my writing nook, I’m going to share this picture of rainbow frosted cupcakes with you: 
Just kidding. I’ll have a proper recipe up this weekend, regardless that I need to write 5678 words by my Monday Back-Up. 

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