Secret Family Recipe


I baked the Best Cupcakes Ever last week, one adapted from my mother’s Sarawak Layer Cake recipe, and it’s turned into a neighborhood favourite! However… the bad news here is that my mum has expressly forbidden me to share the recipe.

I’m sorry guys, but mum’s recipe, mum’s rules. She’d disown me, spill my entrails and drag me around with dad’s Harley if I revealed her secrets.
Mum’s a serious woman.
Anyway, these are almost coconut-ty cupcakes with a certain chocolate filling and secret chocolate frosting. Sorry.
The only thing I can say now is that the ganache I made was FAR too thick for filling the cakes, and I’ll have to adjust that in future so that it absorbs properly into the cake. It’s just the perfect consistency for decorating, though.
x Nabs

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