Morning coffee and flowers

Throughout my life, my mother and her ladies (as her friends have always been referred to, regardless of where we live and how many times these group of people have changed) have always had their elaborate morning coffees. Twenty to thirty ladies show up to these dos, and they all take turns hosting the event.
It’s always fun, and back when I was in school, and they would have their morning coffees during the school hols, I used to enjoy lurking and just watching them all fuss about.
This time around was my mother’s turn to host, and she asked me to bake a cake to add to their already extensive list of refreshments. I thought that Amanda’s thin mint cake sounded like the perfect cake for a brunch, and a daisy decoration would tie in nicely (lies, I just wanted to try it!).
Anyhoo, check this link for the recipe and decorating tutorial.
The cake was delicious, by the way, what a great blend of flavours. It’s possibly now one of my favourite recipes.

x Nabs

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